MBBS in Kazakhstan For Indian Students 2023: Direct admission with Indasia Global

A dream of parents, a dream of science students, a dream of that innocent child who is visiting the doctor and watching him fixing the wounds: becoming a doctor is a dream of so many people. Children are growing up with a proper mindset to get into the medical college for MBBS. The word medical itself has many great aspects that truly define why one sees a dream of becoming a doctor.

Because so many people are running the rat race to aspire to their big dream with the limited available seats, the competition has become tough. In India, getting into the medical education sector has become a big deal. A common man is struggling with a limited number of seats in public medical colleges and the expensive tuition fee of private medical colleges.

Do you think it would be right to kill a dream due to such reasons?
Well, NO!

MBBS in Kazakhstan is a ray of light that will make your dream a beautiful reality. Nowadays, science students are going towards better opportunities abroad. And Indasia Global is giving them an aiding hand to fulfill their dream. Pursuing MBBS in Kazakhstan opens great opportunities for the students and helps them get an MBBS degree to live their childhood dream. Check more about National university of Kazakhstan. 

Today, we are going to dive into some positive aspects of MBBS in Kazakhstan For Indian Students 2021.This will help the students to acknowledge the positive aspects of studying abroad.
Why you should pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan?

As per the complete research and analysis, Kazakhstan is one of the greatest hubs of medical studies. Because of its quality of education, students are now preferring to get admission to the medical college of Kazakhstan. In addition, the colleges are cost-effective without compromising on quality.

Every year, many Indian students are taking a flight to Kazakhstan for MBBS. That shows its positive outcomes and golden opportunities. If you have been seeing a dream of becoming a doctor, you can consider this option.

One of the main reasons for pursuing an MBBS degree in Kazakhstan is that their universities are recognized by WHO, GMC, MCI, USMLE, and IMED. They prepare students wonderfully with all the practical training and academic courses. All the years of MBBS let the students work with precision in the real world.
There is one more good part about getting admission to the medical college of Kazakhstan – you do not need an IELTS or PTE score. However, you must show the NEET examination appearance there as a compulsory requirement.

Hostel Facilities in Kazakhstan

Probably, all the top medical colleges of Kazakhstan grants hostel facilities to international students. They keep in mind regarding all the student’s requirements and facilities they must have to stay focused in their studies.

On the other hand, if the college you chose does not have hostel facilities, you can live in the near apartments at a low cost because the living cost in Kazakhstan is not very expensive. In addition, you will find the safest environment to live and study there.

Eligibility Criteria for MBBS in Kazakhstan

The medical colleges disclose certain eligibility criteria for the admission process. This rule pattern must be fulfilled within the guidelines.

Below are the eligibility criteria points for MBBS in Kazakhstan:

  • If you are applying for MBBS college, your age must be above 17 years. However, the upper age limit has no boundary.
  • The student must be from the science stream. So, he/she has been passed his/her school with physics, chemistry, biology, and English.
  • The student must have scored a minimum of 50% in both secondary and senior secondary classes.
  • You must have a NEET result with a decent score.

With these criteria, you can get admission to the medical college of Kazakhstan. If you have any doubts, you can contact Indasia Global.

Indasia Global helps you get direct MBBS Admission in the college of Kazakhstan

Indasia Global is solely responsible to help you get direct MBBS admission in Kazakhstan at a Low Cost. The colleges there don’t require any donation so, you can scratch off the stress of submitting a huge amount of money. The Fees Structure of MBBS in Kazakhstan Comparatively very attractive than other countries. 

The team allows the very smooth process of admission with no complications and hectic requirements.

The very best thing is that Kazakhstan is a Central Asian country that is blooming gloriously in the field of medical Universities. This is opening the gates for wonderful career opportunities for Indian students as well.

Thousands of students have already been there to shape their careers in the medical field.

What is the aim of Indasia Global?

The aim of Indasia Global is to shape the career of students and let them achieve what they have been dreaming of since childhood. We exactly understand how students and their parents struggle to walk on the path of making the future bright. So far now, we have set numerous Indian Students for MBBS in Kazakhstan.

There are many courses and colleges to chose from. Therefore, parents and students get confused about picking the right one. The experts at Indasia Global offer to discuss this issue and suggests the best-suited course and college. The team is there to help you get direct admission for MBBS in Kazakhstan at a low cost.

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