MBBS in Kazakhstan For Indian Students 2021: Direct admission with Indasia Global

A dream of parents, a dream of science students, a dream of that innocent child who is visiting the doctor and watching him fixing the wounds: becoming a doctor is a dream of so many people. Children are growing up with a proper mindset to get into the medical college for MBBS. The word medical […]

MBBS IN KAZAKHSTAN – All details you need to know!

If you’ve been dreaming of becoming a doctor and want to pursue MBBS from abroad then Kazakhstan is the best option for you! By the end of this blog, you’ll get to know why you need MBBS from Kazakhstan and what are its benefits. Why pursue MBBS in Kazakhstan? Kazakhstan is the world’s 9th largest […]

Fee Structure Of MBBS in Kazakhstan

Being a doctor is a dream of many generations of a family, which is carried on by their brood. These youngsters also want to get their bachelor’s from renowned universities but due to the high college fees and donation fees in India, Indian students are not able to pursue their dream of doing MBBS(Bachelor of […]

Asfendiyarov kazakh national medical university (KazNMU)

Youngsters in our country want to get their degrees, not just from any university but from respected once. In India, it is next to impossible to get into a respected university in a good city which has a good architecture, facilities, up-to-date technology, quality teaching, prestigious brand, high graduate employment rate. Kazakh National Medical University […]

Best universities For MBBS in Kazakhstan – All MCI approved colleges

Kazakhstan is a developed country in Central Asia that was previously a part of the Soviet Union. The country holds astonishing career opportunities for students. One of the well-known streams that this country empowers is MBBS. Studying medical is a dream of most of the students since their childhood. Profession of healing others has its […]