Best universities For MBBS in Kazakhstan – All MCI approved colleges

MBBS in Kazakhstan is a developed country in Central Asia that was previously a part of the Soviet Union. The country holds astonishing career opportunities for students.

One of the well-known streams that this country empowers is MBBS. Studying medical is a dream of most of the students since their childhood. Profession of healing others has its own value that results in a healthy life.

But when it comes to fulfilling this dream, so many people are stuck under the burden of tough competition. Even though students study hard, they could not reach the end point.

This is why, getting admission in Kazakhstan medical university is considered to be an ideal alternative for the Science students. This alternative allows parents to take off the burden of high tuition fees in private medical colleges of India and extreme competition with lower number of seats in government medical colleges.

Kazakhstan medical college provides the qualitative five years course of MBBS at a low cost. Students can enroll in MCI/ NMC recognized medical universities in Kazakhstan to start their dream career. In addition, the process of admission is smooth and lenient that can be achieved with fewer efforts as compared to getting admission in India.

If you are looking to go for medical studies at Kazakhstan University, know that they have world-class specialists that can train you to become a good doctor.

Best universities For MBBS in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the hub of multiple universities for medical studies. Among them, many have a good reputation because they possess excellent research and other facilities for the aspirants. Below are the names of some top universities for MBBS in Kazakhstan:

Astana Medical University

In 1997, Astana Medical University was founded in the capital city of Kazakhstan, Astana as an academy.

To fulfil the dream of becoming a doctor, this university is one of the best options. Astana Medical University is popular for the innovative technologies to the education system. This university provides fabulous quality of medical education with 7 faculties.

  • Faculty of Preventive Care
  • Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Faculty of Internal Medicine
  • Faculty of Dentistry
  • Faculty of Nursing
  • Faculty of Postgraduate Education
  • Faculty of Additional Medical Education
  • Faculty of Public Health

Kazakh National Medical University (KNMU)

KNMU is considered one of the most prestigious medical schools of Kazakhstan. In 1930, Kazakh National Medical University was founded in Almaty city’s rural area. In 2001, it was designated as a national university by the government.

Pursuing MBBS in the KNMU is one of the best selections as it is perceived by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In addition, the university offers faculties as follows:

  • General Medicine faculty
  • Therapeutic Faculty
  • Faculty of pediatrics
  • Faculty of Management in Public Health and Pharmacy
  • Medico-Prophylactic Faculty
  • Stomatology Faculty
  • Pharmacy Faculty
  • Postgraduate Education

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South Kazakhstan Medical Academy (SKMA)

SKMA was founded in the year 1979 and soon it has been recognized by the Ministry of Education and Science, Kazakhstan. If your child is looking forward to get admission in the best university of Kazakhstan, you can definitely consider this option.

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is offering 5 faculties as follows:

  • Pharmaceutical Studies
  • General medicine
  • Faculty of Continuous professional development
  • Dental studies
  • Technical professional education

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Kazakh-Russian Medical University (KRMU)

KRMU is one of the greatest option if you are looking to get an admission in private medical college. Kazakh-Russian Medical University is the popular university of Kazakhstan in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

As per the sources, Kazakh Russian University holds more than 200 lecturers. There is no doubt that this University has the most qualitative education system. The lecturers are well-known doctors and foreign scientists who help students to learn everything with precision.

Moreover, KRMU offers time to time academic mobility programs that allows the students to practice and study abroad. The university educate MBBS students in English so there will be no language issue emerge for the Indian Students.

Are there any MCI approved universities in Kazakhstan?

If you are thinking and wishing to get admission in Kazakhstan universities but worried about MCI approved colleges, know that all the universities mentioned above are MCI approved.

So, after completing your MBBS from Kazakhstan university, you are allowed to practice in India by clearing MCI screening test.

Final Words

Looking towards making a career in medical comes with no easy steps. Thus, every stage is challenging even though you work really hard for that. To make it easy and quick, Indasia Global is offering to help you get direct admission in the top universities of Kazakhstan. All the above colleges are tied up with us.

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