Asfendiyarov kazakh national medical university (KazNMU)

Youngsters in our country want to get their degrees, not just from any university but from respected once. In India, it is next to impossible to get into a respected university in a good city which has a good architecture, facilities, up-to-date technology, quality teaching, prestigious brand, high graduate employment rate. Kazakh National Medical University will offer you all this and more at much lesser fees. Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University was established in 1931 it is a run by government. A university has to go through proper testing and long procedure to get the tag of National Medical University.

ALUMNI and Achievements

Among the graduates of the university are those who are promoted to the highest leading post of national health care and it also has a great MCI clearing percentage of 24%. 8 future people’s commissars and ministers of health of Kazakhstan, 3 rectors of medical universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 19 heads of research institutes, scientific centers, 6 heads of regional health facilities, 6 World Champions, 2 Olympic Champions, 71 Honored Scientists of the Kazakh SSR and Honored Workers of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 46 Academicians of the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR, NAS of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 17 Laureates of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan and many more awarded personalities were taught at our university.


With highly experienced and skilled faculty members (around 1500) who serve as an essential part of university’s growth and improvement our university has a good network of Aluminum. Both post graduate and undergraduate students’ study in the university.


It is the top ranked university among the universities in Kazakhstan. University is acknowledged by the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan and its Medical courses are authorized by various organizations like the Medical Council of India, World Health Organization, United Nations Organization, UNESCO, etc.

Kazakhstan being the most dominant nation in Central Asia produces 60% of the GDP of that area, which comes from the vast array of its natural resources. Kazakhstan due to its geography it has been inhabited by many nomadic groups and empires which gives it cultural diversity. Kazakhstan Has a “extreme” continental climate, with warm summers and very cold winters. The duration of course is 5 + 1 year for internship (clerkship).

Perks of living in Almaty:

  • Though it is far colder than India, but Almaty is just cold enough so you don’t miss those beautiful snowfalls and after snow scenery, in comparison to other cities in Kazakhstan.
  • Almaty is the center of all the cultural diversity being present in the historical and contemporary capital of intellectualism in Kazakhstan.
  • It is present near the historical silk road which contributes to it being the largest city in the country.
  • Surrounded by mountains just to enhance the already serene scenery.
  • The total population of the city is about 1,00,000 to 5,00,000.
  • Almaty is an extremely safe city and open to be explored.


Tuition fees per year is 4600 USD (345000 INR)
So total tuition fees (For 5 Years) will be 23000 USD (17,25,000 INR)
Hostel fees per year is 700 USD (52,500 INR)
One-time charges are 500 USD (37,500)
Total approx. budget will be 23 to 26 lakhs.
Kazakh national medical university’s vision is to establish a perfect example of an advanced educational hub for students and provide the best future doctors to the society.

Facilities in the universities include:

Large library with the latest volumes, latest journals, and periodicals.

You can use a gym to transform every aspect of your body, improve strength, cardiovascular system, maintain your weight, boost mental health and decrease the odds that you’ll develop other health conditions. Exercising daily strength your heart

Computer lab
In this competitive world you can’t lose on the computers, printers, scanners and an access to high-speed internet. Our university will not make you lose your grip on the competition.


  • The University has 7 hostels in its main campus, as they are located inside the campus so the distance between the university and hostel is very less. Every room has a washroom and toilet attached to it. Every floor has a common kitchen and a common laundry room which can be used by students.
  • There is a 24 hours security checkpoint, students cannot enter the hostel without passing the security checkpoint at the entrance.
  • The mess of the hostel provides healthy and nutritious food. Boys’ and girls’ hostels are separate.
  • All the rooms are well-furnished and centrally air-conditioned with all the necessary amenities like a bed, bed sheets, mattress, study table, etc.
  • Moreover, there is a common study room in every hostel. Elevators are also there for the students.
  • The hostels are available in 2, 3, 4 sharing occupancies in rooms. Students can choose one of them based on their needs, requirements, budget, and availability.

This university has the potential to bring improvements in your personality and knowledge.