Fee Structure Of MBBS in Kazakhstan

Being a doctor is a dream of many generations of a family, which is carried on by their brood. These youngsters also want to get their bachelor’s from renowned universities but due to the high college fees and donation fees in India, Indian students are not able to pursue their dream of doing MBBS(Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery), which is responsible for the potential of Indian students going into vain. Fee Structure Of MBBS in Kazakhstan comes with relief and golden opportunities for such students with the cheap prices and good quality of medical education, students from all around the world can get into MBBS in Kazakhstan.

There are both private and Government medical colleges in Kazakhstan. Both are reliable, but government universities are better. In Kazakhstan, the duration can be 5, 5.5 to 6 years (including internship).

Tuition & Hostel Fees

The cost of MBBS tuition fees in the medical college of Kazakhstan ranges from only 3600 USD to 5700 USD. The hostels are very well furnished and the cost of living there is only 600 USD per year. As the span of MBBS is of 5 years, the total tuition fees will be from 18,000 USD to 28,500 USD.

The fee amount that you will have to pay in the first year will be less than 6,00,000, which will include processing fees, tuition fees for first-year and hostel fees.

In Indian rupees, it will be 13,35,600 INR to 21,14,700 INR approx. (according to the average dollar rate), and hostel fees will be around to be 2,23,500 INR approx.

Travel Cost

Travelling costs from Kazakhstan to India will cost around 30,000 INR to 40,000 INR.

Even if you chose the most costly college in Kazakhstan it will cost you around 25,50,000 + 2,00,000 (miscellaneous expenses for a lavish lifestyle) + 1,00,000 processing fees. It will still be less than half of what it would cost for MBBS in India with far better infrastructure and facilities. Even if you take a university in which it takes 6 years, still the worst private universities in India will cost you more than this, this is because the government encourages the development of education facilities in Kazakhstan. National medical universities are not better than or less than state rum medical universities; there is not much difference between them.

In Kazakhstan, for your ease the university allows students to pay fees semester wise. GST is not taken into account in the transaction of the fee, as the Indian government does not take tax on educational fee transactions.

Fees of the various universities of Kazakhstan in decreasing order:

  1. Asfendiyarov Kazakh National Medical University is 26,000 USD
  2. Semey State Medical University is 22,300 USD
  3. Kazakh National Medical University is 23,100 USD
  4. Karaganda Medical University is 22,300 USD
  5. Astana Medical University is 23,050 USD
  6. South Kazakhstan Medical Academy is 23,850 USD
  7. West Kazakhstan Marat Ospanov State Medical University is 22,700 USD
  8. Al Farab Kazak National University is 26,000 USD
  9. Kokshetau State University is 21,000 USD
  10. Kazakh Russian Medical University is 24,600 USD
  11. North Kazakhstan State University is 21,000 USD
  12. University of international business is 21,900 USD
  13. Caspian International School of medicine 19,200 USD